” How to Become A Natural Hair Stylist?” Online Course Was Created Why?

I’m always asked why did you stop doing hair, Denise you were so good?

You see I am a third generation cosmetologist.

My grandfather was a hairstylist. Many of his clients were national celebrities like Nate King Cole, Yes he styled those finger waves.

Being that Jim Crow and segregation in the south required Blacks to spend their dollars with each other for many of the industrialized service jobs my grandfather owned his beauty salon in St. Louis, Missouri.

My mother was a kitchen beautician. She styles everyone in the neighborhood since her father owned the local salon. She became known as the girl with the curl. Her skills at perm rodding  Jerry Curls for her friends later advanced her into the health sciences.

As for me, I became a cosmetologist just because I saw both of my mother and grandfather work behind the chair.

Both of them complaining about the Chair of Cosmetology Board and the constant changes and challenges of licensure.

After becoming a licensed cosmetologist, instructor, and school manager but somehow still unemployable. I decided to return back to college. While attending an advanced social media course. The assignment was to interview a person on social media utilizing one of the platforms taught in the course.

So, I reached out to a young lady on Craiglist with ads for Natural Hair Styling services mainly sew-in weave extensions hairstyles.

So I booked an appointment for a full head sew-in.

At the appointment, I wanted to learn how she posted the ads, were the ads working and if she agreed to the terms of the platform?

Well, what I walked away with was mind-blowing.

She began to ask me about a large tattoo I have on my neck of a blow-dryer, comb, and scissors.

She asks if I was a licensed cosmetologist?

She went on to gather paperwork for an application to Minnesota’s Hair Braider Registration.

Then she challenged me by saying” if you really licensed then apply for approval to teach this course so I can open my shop?”

More importantly, she showed me an auditing letter from the Minnesota Department of Revenue capturing her Working Family Credit (WFC) the equivalent of the IRS Federal Earned Income Credit (EIC) stating without a registration form the Board of Cosmetologist Examines she would NOT be receiving her tax credits.

I know that the WFC and EIC is the largest WEALTH builder for women of color.

So, I immediately took action.

And that’s why the online course on “How to Become A Natural Hair Stylist?” was created.

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After, petitioning the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners to adopt the new statues 155A.28 Hair Braider Registration and become a multi-member agency. I decided to create the online natural hair care course, assessment and untimately, the EXPERIENCE of affordable education using new digital innovative ways.

“Creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology”

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