Day: February 7, 2019

Natural Hair Care & Braiding Court Order was Awarded A, B, C,&D!

The Institute For Justice vs The Minnesota Department of Cosmetology What Does The Court Order say? A. The Minnesota Cosmetology Board (Chapt.155A) and The Minnesota Barber Boards (Chapt.154) could not regulate Hair Braiders or Hair Braiding Services. B. Hair Braiding, Simple Hair Devices, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiders are

Are Natural Hair Care Schools a Step into Cosmetology Schools?

Natural Hair Care & Braiding School can be a viable option for the first steps into the Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry. The Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry has joined and formed a Billion dollar Black beauty business exonomy. This is the first Natural Hair Care student to

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