Natural Hair Braiding, The Head-Wrap, and HEALTH

Okay, today is Day 2, Monday’s HEALTH and it is on Bacteria.
Why is it disrespectful to call a Headwrap a Scarf?

I will ✋ wait and count from one to 30 again.

Okay, let’s get started in 1862 the oppression began to order black slave women to wear scarfs to cover their hair and prevent the spread of LICE.

  1. Lice is a pathogenic bacteria, it is an animal parasite and its found in hair that’s kept unclean.
  2. Lice is a communicable infection that can be spread to the public.
  3. Lice are contagious and must be diagnosed by a doctor, not a hairstylist.
    Legislation which is a law was passed in the South demanding African American women wear scarfs.
    Lice have never been a problem in the African American/Black community in all my 25 years as a hairstylist. Once my grandfather who was a hairstylist lived in the south and was my first teacher told me that a white slave masters wife was jealous of a malatto young lady and believed the young lady DECEIVED her family by passing as white. After that, this law came about. So this now brings me to the headscarf of my Liberian Sisters and how the love of HELPing another tie their scarf as a tradition.
    The bridging of cultures through this natural hair movement has the Headscarf as a FREEDOM marker to hold your head high.
    The stigma of LICE in our hair is an LYE.
    We never had lice!
    Just beautiful LOCS of Jealousy!

Slave Women and the Head Wrap

Slave Women And The Head-Wrap

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