Month: March 2019

💭 Minnesota is Licensing Buildings as Beauticians, Barbers 💈 and Braiders

Hey #SuperNaturals, The current licensing laws requires 30-1500-hours of educational training with a test for new hair braiders, barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, eyelash technicians. Existing technicians were able to be “licensed” by only testing out of the educational requirements. Any salon/shop that offered these services on the public must be licensed

🤔Minnesota Barber and Cosmetology Boards Banished‼️

ATTENTION! Your Immediate Action Required AGAIN! Another attempt to deregulate and abolishing the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology and Minnesota Board of Barbers is being considered in the Minnesota House of Representatives! Please contact your local state representative and other key members NOW and VOICE your opposition to this ill-advised legislation

Iowa’s Future of the Natural Hair Braiding Registration

Hey #SuperNaturals, The New York Times has reported that Cosmetology Schools in Iowa cost $21,000 and it’s the primary income for the schools. The article when on to claim that the students are worked as if their at a full-time job. The New York Times stated: “The second stream is

Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊 to Worokia Bamba

Hey #SuperNaturals, Let’s welcome our new members to join the eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. 🗣Thanks for joining US ‼️ [Simple-payment id=”213″] She a Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensee.

Hanna Tessema is a Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensee NOW‼️

Congratulations to Hanna Tessema our newest eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. members. Thanks for joining the Natural Hair Braiding Registration! Thanks so MUCH! [Simple-payment id=”213″]

Cleaning 🧹 Natural Hair Care Salon’s

As a Natural Hair Stylist cleaning and removing visible debris from simple hair devices, the surface, and items before and after each use are a MUST! Natural Hair Stylist some implement have disposable parts so, remember to discard the dirt and debris and wash them with soap 🧼 and water

Graduates of 30 Hour Minnesota Natural Hair Braiders Course

Thanks to ALL Natural Hair Stylist  of 2018 🗣Natural Hair Braiders For Your Information!! I got your BACK‼️ Help is on the way home.

Congratulations to Jada Griffin on her Natural Hair Braiding Registration

Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈 to Jada Griffin on her Natural Hair Braiding Registration! Thanks so much and contact me with any Natural Hair Braiding Registration questions! Get yours at

Drying Natural Hair Care Devices✂️

As a Natural Hair Care Stylist her are some of the steps I take to keep my salon clean. 1. Rinse simple hair devices and items thoroughly. 2. Simple Hair Devices and items should be completely dry BEFORE using them on your client’s. 3. Removing debris on simple hair devices

Are Natural Hair Care Schools a Step into Cosmetology Schools?

Natural Hair Care & Braiding School can be a viable option for the first steps into the Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry. The Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry has joined and formed a Billion dollar Black beauty business exonomy. This is the first Natural Hair Care student to

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