Month: June 2019

Survey on Sharps in Salons, Shops, Suites and Spas.

FREE Hair Braiding Registration

💯 FREE Hair Braiding Registration 💇‍♀️🏽Infection Control Course 📲 ✍️🏾Enter your email 📧 ✅I’ll email 📧 your Completion Certificate! And if you leave you, 📲 I will text 💬you. 💤Don’t sleep on this offer.


📱The 30th is National Social Media Day! We are glad 😆 you decided to like our blog. Thanks for stopping by. Now let’s get down to business 📈 with the repeal of the hair braiding license in Minnesota doesn’t mean 😏 other states will follow. So I’m offering the 💇‍♀️🏽Hair

Hair Braiding is REPEAL!

Minnesota has REPEALED hair braiding from the Board of Cosmetologist and hair Braiders will no longer have the options of being licensed to do natural hair. The deregulation of natural hair care to just hair braiding and not considering the many women who preform natural hair styles, weaves and wigs.

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