📞 Calling All #Natural #Hairstylist come tell your STORY 📚 about Spiritual Stylist Successful Sessions

Are you my next Panelist?

Come and tell your #NaturalHairStory.

Have you been harassed by the Board of #Cosmetology or the 💈 #Barber Boards?

Inspected for no reason or told there is a complaint so the #Board is here to inspect?

I’m giving you the chance to Tell Your Story

1. Who are you?

Your Face Here!

2. What caused you to find #ecoHair?

3. When did you start or open your #NaturalHairBusiness?

4. Where is your #NaturalHairSalon?

5. Why did you choose a #NaturalHairCertification over your State’s #OccupationalLicense?

6. How are you responding to #COVID-19?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you 😃😃😃

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