Day: June 20, 2021

To License or Not play By Beyond The Chairs

To License or Not Please Join Us on July 11, 2021 for the Annual Beyond The Chairs Beauty and Barber Event featuring the play To License Or Not produced and directed by Ms. Ericka Chancellor.

#Ohio Deceptive #NaturalHair #braiding Boutique

Ohio deceptive practices against natural hair, hairbraiding, and braiders.

Happy Juneteenth Pennsylvania’s Hair Braiding License is Going to Court!

Okay, #SuperNaturals Today’s more that Juneteenth to me most you you know my thoughts on Juneteenth and the ignorance of knowing we were free. Well today I woke up to GREAT 💯 news. The Hair Braiders are going to court. But this time with an expert patent infringement attorney. ☝🏾I

$ave $20k by switching to #HairBraiding

Let me tell you a $ecret Are you a #Hairstylist, #Barber, or #Cosmetologist? You don’t use #CHEMICALS Are tired of Licensing fee and Renewals? Did you get UNLAWFULLY inspected by the boards? I just switched to #ecoHair Braiders Association in 30 seconds and saved $20,000 Why because I’m “Going GREEN

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