Hair and Makeup occupational licensing lawsuits affect #MenToo

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology and Minnesota Board of Barbers 💈 are both violators of the hair braiding court order (2006) for unlicensed cosmetology salons and barbershops false disciplinary actions across the state.

There are seven (7) Barbers 💈 on February 11, 2019, ordered to cease and desist from the practice of barbering as Hair Braider with 💇🏾‍♂️ registrations.

  1. Ahmed AlSharefee
  2. Michael Black
  3. Akwanza Blakes
  4. Lamonte Jackson
  5. William Jones
  6. Tyrone Smith
  7. Jamie Soto-Cordero

Hair Braiding Court Order

As agreed by both parties in the ruling. Both the cosmetology and barber boards were (1) permanently enjoined (2) permanently restrained (3) created a definition and (4) adopted the rule in the Cosmetology chapter 155A and Barber chapter 154.

Hair Braiding Court Order Page 16

Both board’s successors remained neutral in the 2019 sessions repeal of the statute, however, the order and its adoption of the rules by the both boards agreed to hair braiders as 💇🏾‍♂️ Barbers, barbershops, Cosmetologist, and 💇 cosmetologist salons.


Hairstyling and Makeup 💄 SF 2898 Definitions

“Hairstyling” is the practice of cleaning, drying, arranging, or
styling hair.

It includes the use of hair sprays and topical agents, such as shampoos and

It also includes the use and styling of hair extensions and wigs.

It does not
include cutting or the application of dyes, bleach, reactive chemicals, keratin, or other
preparations to color or alter the structure of hair.

“Makeup services” is the application of a cosmetic to
enhance the face or skin, including powder, foundation, rouge, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara,
and lipstick.

Makeup services includes the application of makeup applied using an airbrush.

Makeup services does not include the application of permanent makeup, tattooing, or facial

A person who, for compensation, performs only makeup services is not an

The problem is these services and more are covered in the hair braiding order and rules all EXCEPT the use of a Blow Dryer!

The clear issue is Makeup 💄 for weddings 👰🏾 and events.

But aren’t funerals ⚰️ events too?

Aren’t both events most likely to use makeup 💄, nails 💅, and hair rituals that are covered, by ”religious groups”, therefore; exempt from these boards’ concerns about the infection control practices on these occasions?

The real question here is why is the District Court of Ramsey County’s enforcement involved in the prosecution of an individual “about to practice cosmetology” with or without a license instead of the Office of Administrative Hearings?

In my opinion, the boards will continue to issue citations with or without a lawsuit and many people with be forced through criminal courts for these federally regulated cosmetics, airbrush 💄 guns, and blunt-tipped suture needles.


Most importantly, are the Equal Protection rights for salon and shop owners who lease contracts to suites and booths.

This overreaching inspection of salons and shops will bring economic hardships on salon owners and designated salon managers because of the New Rules DRAFTED to be adopted in 2020.

Salon owners and designated managers’ duties will be to allow the boards to ”inspect the premises and any items, tools, and equipment the board regulates” even those for personal use.

That means a hair braider in a licensed salon renting a booth as an independent contractor will be subject to an inspection of their own personal and professional items, tools, and equipment if the board inspects that salon.

So in reaction to Hair and Make Artist sue Minnesota Board of Cosmetology over occupational licensing. Megan Forbes and Institute for Justice stand aware of the harassment of Hair Braiders with salons receiving cease and desist orders from this extortionist and here are the receipts.

This entire agreement has several typos and could NOT be taken seriously!

Tina P. Robinson is a licensed cosmetologist and hair braiders who was the first person I found that had an ACTIVE licensed as a cosmetologist during a clear Equal Right violation of the constitution.

The Facts
  • Hair Braider Registration October 10, 2012
  • Cosmetologist License July 15, 2013
  • Salon Inspection June 1, 2017
  • Cosmetologist License Expired May 31, 2019

Payments were made from April 15, 2018 – March 15, 2019.

She agreed to make 12 payments of ($1000) but last time I checked 12 payments of $100 equals $1200.00.

Tina identified as both a hair braider and a cosmetologist.

She has jumped through every loophole the state, courts and the boards have placed on her journey to real economic freedom.

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