1,000 ecoHeads to prevent Homelessness and Unemployment as an #ecoHairBraiders

Since I can’t work as a stylist due to antitrust law.

I will act as a consistent point of contact helping them connect with case managers and navigating different resources systems of mental health care and needs.

This will help them maintain personal care and hair hygiene.

By the way, maintaining their housing and employment.

I would like for you to consider.
1. Short-term- onsite walk-in point of contact for personal care.
2. Long-term- standing weekly appointments for interviews (housing and job) and /or when employed.
* Relapse- intense case management referral to intake, social workers, counselors, or in/out patient care.

Lastly, I’m also, a blogger for my business BraidersCourse.com and would like to share your STORIES ☺️ before and after beauty stories with the public on my website but with your donation button to Paypal?

🙏I desire to encourage and challenge other hairstylists to give the gift of success to 1,000 heads in their homeless community.

😊 Thanks again for the opportunity to volunteer at the Well in the Desert.

I look forward to other ecoHairStyler’s response.
Denise Jarrett

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