#Nebraska #hairbraiders vs #shampooer License

Hey, Hey, Hey. Since the mattress issue grew up to me too, and I’m coming to you with this video and the Nebraska. Now what I like about Nebraska, Nebraska daddy, right?

Okay. Um, Nebraska License types, cosmetology class and talking instructor, institution, institutional instructor, and a temporary license.

However, you see, you do not need a Nebraska license to do urban tanning apply makeup person through Lowe’s manicure or pedicure on natural nails. Woo.

I knew a bunch of Nails knowledge that asking me about that.

And I’ve always said that that’s a corner that people should move to natural, uh, braised, natural, her threaten to remove her or for nails and cosmetics.

And beauty in your products. However, This is okay. When it comes to justice for a braider and her what I don’t like about them as you seen on my other video from Mr to the justice about shampoos, UK have a champagne.

So while I like, um, Nebraska a whole lot, the issue in Nebraska is we want to have clean hurt, and we not settling for not being able to shampoo are you got all these white women with shampoo bowls, blow dry bars.

You see, they didn’t mention it because that’s the main thing they trying to hold on to.

They just use, us as the face to be Regulated.

I Will attach this link so you can see for yourself on her.

Again, my name is Denise Jarrett with braiderscoursecom and have a blessed day.

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