Month: June 2022

Shampooing 🧴 vs Washing which word is your choice❓

As a Hair Braider coach I’m often asked if Hair Braiding salons can have a shampoo 🧴 bowl. My answer is always OF COURSE 😊 but this is not a laughing matter. After doing my research I found that most state are requiring Shampooers license. This is an occupational licensing


A lot of young ladies are on natural virgin hair. Most of them cut their permed hair because of the beauty of natural hair and the beautiful styles you can achieve with your afro-kinky hair.The nature of the weather and also other traditions we are used to in caring for

🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology

🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology  I agree with 💯Magan Forbes with the deregulation of makeup only because of cosmetic care innovation into advanced skin procedures such as eyelash extensions, chemical peels, and botox injections💉💉 due to the adoption of the “simple hair devices’” allowing cosmetology

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