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Shampooing 🧴 vs Washing which word is your choice❓

As a Hair Braider coach I’m often asked if Hair Braiding salons can have a shampoo 🧴 bowl. My answer is always OF COURSE 😊 but this is not a laughing matter. After doing my research I found that most state are requiring Shampooers license. This is an occupational licensing

Welcome to #ecoHair

Hey, how are you doing? Supernaturals, thank you for stopping by BraidersCourse.com, I want to congratulate you on wanting to join and register with us and keeping your business alive throughout this havig time legislation and deregulation. Well, I wanted to come to you and tell you what you did

#Nebraska #hairbraiders vs #shampooer License

Hey, Hey, Hey. Since the mattress issue grew up to me too, and I’m coming to you with this video and the Nebraska. Now what I like about Nebraska, Nebraska daddy, right? Okay. Um, Nebraska License types, cosmetology class and talking instructor, institution, institutional instructor, and a temporary license. However,


HAIR BRAIDERS CELEBRATE 🥂 USPTO TRADEMARK REGISTRATION “Going Green With Hairstyling” COACHELLA, CA, August 10, 2021– EcoHairBraiders Association, LLC. ®️  (eHBA), privately held certifier of hair braiders, hair braiding schools, and salons on health, safety, and sanitation training, celebrate registering with the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and

#Idaho’s #Hair Braiding License or Certification battle of #2022

Hi Are you looking for a #HairBraidingCertificate? We are the Only NATIONAL #HairBraidingCertification agency coving the entire USA. We can help you open your #HairBraidingSalon. As a #HairBraidingShop owner, we can certify you, your team, and your products like 🧴 shampoos, conditioner 🧼 and pomades. We offer the #HairBraidingCourse to

1,000 ecoHeads to prevent Homelessness and Unemployment as an #ecoHairBraiders

Since I can’t work as a stylist due to antitrust law. I will act as a consistent point of contact helping them connect with case managers and navigating different resources systems of mental health care and needs. This will help them maintain personal care and hair hygiene. By the way,

#Texas and #Iowa is in a lawsuit over Simple #HairBraiding Devices

Hair braiding covers beauty workers in the beauty and barber that practice chemical-free and environmentally friendly beauty and barber services. #Texas and #Iowa is in a lawsuit over Simple #HairBraiding Devices This Texas company is using the Minnesota hair braiding laws and rule on Iowa the address the occupational licensing

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